Snorfin with Bobby Lee

Comedian, and Fox MADtv star, Bobby Lee hosts maniaTV's first game show: “The Snorfin Mini-Game Show”. Lee puts contestants through a “little bit of hell” having each one spin a wheel of fate to then face either eating, drinking or bobbing for some forbidden drink, food and/or fruit. If the contestant can “seem normal and fit in” (snorfin), they win!

“The idea of putting contestants through a little bit of hell, especially young guys, is a time-honored game-show tradition”, says Bobby Lee, “So watch me serve up Balut embryo eggs and Bobby Lee Special Shakes. Not to mention, we’re in a recession so fans can use a little extra cash”.

Tune-in for NEW EPISODES EVERY MONDAY AND THURSDAY! Get your dose of hell!

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Snorfin with Bobby Lee
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