About maniaTV

maniaTV, www.maniaTV.com, is Television Unleashed: A digital TV Platform for LIVE, Pop-Culture, Celebrity-Infused, 24/7 Social, Worldwide TV. maniaTV is building a top 5 digital TV network with a fire hose of totally addictive non-stop pop-culture television—Original shows, custom concerts, music videos, top artist interviews, “celebisodes”, comedians, late night shows, reality stars, models, athletes, action sports stars and more. A TV platform for the next generation.

maniaTV launched as the world’s first internet television network, delivering original premium pop-culture entertainment programming to the Internet savvy youth audience. maniaTV was the first network to broadcast live 24 hours per day working with every major music label to deliver the latest music videos as well as a library of over 20,000 archived music videos. maniaTV also delivered the first Live Celebrity Internet TV Show with Tom Green Live from his living room, which was then followed by Dave Navarro’s live Spread TV Show. Plus, maniaTV has created hundreds of originally-produced pop-culture programs.

maniaTV has successfully worked with every major advertising agency in the nation to deliver high quality branded entertainment to over 200 leading brands, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Microsoft, Nintendo, Activision, Wrigleys, adidas, Nike, Best Buy, Verizon, Sony, General Motors, Verizon, AT&T, Universal Studios, and many more.

Founder Drew Massey bought back maniaTV from his early investors (Benchmark Capital and Intel Capital) and, with the maniaTV board and advisors, is building a next generation top 5 digital video entertainment destination. Delivering extraordinary entertainment for viewers and extraordinary premium branded opportunities for the nation’s leading marketers. Over $20 million has been invested in the brand maniaTV.

maniaTV is owned by a privately held corporation. For more information please contact: Info@maniaTV.com

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